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Pho' Binh Thanh

Canadian & Vietnamese Cuisine
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Start your day with a fresh breakfast or enjoy our all-day breakfast.

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Tasty and authentic Vietnamese cuisine;

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Passion for 



Binh Longtin's love of food began back in the 1000 year old city of Hanoi, Vietnam (where she was born and raised). In Vietnam, she studied at a culinary school and became a Vietnamese chef. Binh has brought her cooking talents to Canada to share her passion for food. 

Her philosophy with food is to create beautiful, flavourful dishes in the traditional Vietnamese style by using aromatic ingredients that come together into tasty, yet healthy dishes. All of the ingredients are fresh and Pho Binh Thanh does not add salt or use MSG and uses 100% vegetable oil. 

Binh's signature dish, Pho's (pronounced fir) is meticulously cooked with beef bones and simmered for over 6 hours per batch. This flavourful 100 year old Vietnamese dish has quickly become a favourite. 7 hours for beef bone, 3 hours for pork bone and 3 hours for chicken bone.

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